SEO is Search Engine Optimisation

Here is the main process and elements of how your website SEO is checked, and how I can optimise this for you. In addition to the check, I use the Google Keyword Planner to find out low competitive keywords for your website.  The SEO check service is provided by SEOptimer.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit and analysis is conducted on your website.

Your website address is entered into an SEO analyser known as an SEO check.

Any areas that need improvement are identified.

A list of the required changes is created.

Here are some examples of the report scores from SEOptimer for this website.

Overall score:

On-Page SEO score:

Title tag and meta description tag score:

Keywords & Location

Information that I will require to optimise your website for your local area, is as follows:

  • Specific location areas in which you offer your services
  • Your business services to adapt into long-tail keywords
  • A description of what you want to be famous for on the net

Changing the aspects highlighted in the SEO report do not take long, and, should take no more than one hour to complete.

Once the changes are made, we re-run the report and see the improvement scores.

In addition to the above I will help you get listed on Google My Business for free, and, link your website to Google Search Console so you can see how your visitors are finding you.

Google Keyword Tool

Here is an example result of how I find out how many searches are being made for specific keywords.

In this instance I have entered “small business seo”.  Between 1K-10K people Google these words a month with low competition.

This SEO service is offered at £10 per hour.

Keyword research doesn’t take me long either, especially if you can provide me with what words you want to rank for.  I will make keyword suggestions based on your competitors.

It takes on average 1-2 months so see your website climb up the search engine rankings after the changes have been made.

So, to discuss your specific SEO requirements, please feel free to get in touch.